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Well, this is such a tough decision to make but I was finally able to chose the appliers.

The total of 23 applications is received but unfortunately only 2 is accepted. You all are awesome.

The lucky peoples is teng teng teng,

The American, H2O4Life :iconh2o4life:


The British, samjonesx :iconsamjonesx:

Big congrats to both of them.

To samjonesx, you have to leave any of the group that you're currently in so that you can become the co-founder of custompad. And for H2o4Life, your position is automatically change.

And for the other appliers, I will featured you guys in this journal. You guys are awesome. Totally!

:iconkoolumair: :icondernosada: :iconstieven: :iconwhite-baron: :icondrunkensandwich: :icontherealpadster: :iconblearat: :iconetcoman: :icon73ll0: :iconyaromanzarek: :iconhomefilms: :iconiresult: :icondijaysazon: :icondanlosant: :icondesires12: :iconvirattara: :iconkayz-r: :iconbigcyco1: :iconfoxneoo: :iconhybridic: :iconrishabhsingh8:

Some of you might wonder, how do I chose the appliers? Well, I have to check how active is you by checking the widget, how nice is your stuff, how open-minded is you, and many more. Actually there is some of you that actually deserve more to be in the co-founder position but unfortunately, some of you were leaving this group and I have to dismissed you.

Is there any other position available in the near future?
Of course there will be. So stick around and see what will happen cause I have something in my mind.
Hey, currently we need new co-founder at least 2 persons if possible.
You can apply by commenting down there.

We will choose the appliers after couple of days later.

Good luck.
I'm already sick keeping this shit secret that everyone didn't realize till now. But I cannot make a noob conclusion without investigating it though. But I don't need any kind of investigation since all is matter is the conclusion of individual (yeh you).  

Check this…

What you guys thing?
Our target for custompad:

getting 600 members accomplished
getting 30000 pageviews

getting 500 members accomplished
getting 25000 pageviews accomplished

getting 400 members accomplished
getting 20000 pageviews accomplished

getting 350 members accomplished
getting 15000 pageviews accomplished

getting 300 members accomplished
getting 10000 pageviews accomplished

getting 200 members accomplished
getting 6000 pageviews accomplished   

getting 100 members accomplished
getting 4000 pageviews   accomplished

come on everyone
I'm planning on making first screenshot contest for this group. Well the problem is that, is there anybody who are willing to donate us the prizes? Such as points, featured or anything in between. I'm already planning to make this screenshot contest as a contest without any prizes, just for fun but since everyone love prize, why not add some prizes isn't? I can make the prizes just little like first prizes will be receive 5 points, featured on custompad and something like that. Although it's very little but it's still a prizes.

So how?